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10 Serious Reason to Stop Smoking

10 Serious Reason to Stop Smoking

The "No Smoking" campaign is gaining momentum as the world realized the dangers it had contributed to our society. We are here to discuss the top 10 reasons why you should stop smoking NOW.

1. You will have a healthier life- Cigarette smoking is known to be the cause of Cancer, heart or lung disease. You will notice that you will be able to breathe and inhale properly 3 days after quitting.

2. You will not decrease your mental health- Studies have identified that smokers diminishes your mental capabilities.

3. It will make you look older - Smoking clogs up your pores and will make your skin dry. You will look younger a week after you quit as you will have a radiant facial skin.

4. You are making your love ones sick- Second hand smoke affects not only you but the people around you. You do not want them to suffer from asthma or glue ear. Cigarettes smoke is also dangerous to an unborn child. Give them a chance to live.

5. You will not be infertile- Studies had proven that men who smoke have lower sperm counts while women smokers have a higher possibility of having a miscarriage.

6. You will be able to smell better- Cigarette smoke creates a stale odor. The foul smell is absorbed by your skin and clothes. You will also smell better just 2 days after you smoke as the nicotine in your nostrils will clear up.

7. You will decrease the possibility of creating fire- One of the causes of major fire is unattended lighted cigarette. Fire insurers give lower rates to places that do not allow smokers.

8. You will improve your breathing- Just 3 days after you quit you will be able to breath properly again and enjoy longer long walks. Chest pains will also diminish as your lungs will slowly free the contaminants created by the cigarette.

9. You will have a better social life- A lot of the reputable establishments do not allow smokers. You will be able to visit these places more often and enjoy the company of your friends.

10. You will save money- Smoking is an expensive bad habit. Just imagine how much you will save by not smoking.

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