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Convert Your Time Into a Thinner Trimmer Waistline

Convert Your Time Into a Thinner Trimmer Waistline

My struggle to reduce my weight recently shifted from a struggle to a sprint to victory. Weight gain is caused and worsened by many factors. We eat too much. We aren't active enough. Our metabolism slows with age. We are depressed. We are injured. We take too large of servings. We are addicted to chocolate. Our meals aren't balanced. We are compensating for loss.

The list of causes is long and to me seems more like a list of excuses than reasons. We are responsible for our weight. Whether we have eating disorders, are gluttons, are anorexic, or bulimic the fact is at some level the issue lies with us. Now don't get me wrong. Many of these causes are psychologically impossible for inflicted persons to control. And in many cases, a solution will require counseling or therapy to solve. Sometimes the resolution is never achieved.

One action almost all sources agree about is that activity is one of the most important steps we can take to bring eating and weigh gain under control. However, some of the ways this fact are perhaps not as obvious as we might have thought. The other day, I stumbled onto an article that tied our weight issues directly to watching television or being on a computer or being otherwise sedentary. The facts are overwhelming. If you watch television, the longer you watch the more likely you are to eat. That is disturbing. But apparently, the more we watch the more we eat at a steadily accelerating rate.

What should we do about this? The fact is in this concept more television equals more food there is a silver lining. If we reverse the trend and get up from our electronic entertainment and get out and work out, we are on our way to a solution. The rising and exercising cuts our intake and increases our activity. We create a virtuous cycle of increasing activity and reduced consumption. Consequently, we soon head toward a lower weight and greater fitness. Our increasing fitness increases our capacity for activity and improves the activity level we are achieving accelerating our improvement still more.

Add to this some recent studies suggest getting up for active exercising (walking or running) three times a day. The possibilities are exciting and results potentially more so. I've only been on this regimen a short while. I am seeing a number of healthy benefits and little disruption to my time, I hope you experience the same on journey to trimmer waistline.

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