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The Dangers of Inferior Skincare Products

The Dangers of Inferior Skincare Products

The market is infested with various skincare products. Companies come up with different skincare products so often that consumers find it difficult to stick to a particular brand or product to use. There is no denying that the cosmetic market is a multi-million industry. A lot of companies want a share of the profit, like sharks swimming in a red ocean. It is because of this very reason that many skincare products being sold are dangerous.

Dangerous because a lot of cosmetic companies try to outdo each other by coming up with a new product every month or so and spend little time doing their research on the ingredients being used. Little effort is placed on researching and testing what will really work while much time and money is spent on marketing and advertising the product.

You may not be aware of it but most skincare products contain ingredients that studies show to be harmful to the health. Here are some examples of these ingredients.


Parabens are used by cosmetic companies to lengthen the shelf life of their products. Parabens are used mainly because of economical reasons so that the skin care product will last longer. According to various studies, parabens can interfere with the endocrine system, cause skin reactions, and even lead to cancer.


Alcohols, although available in many forms, can be drying to the skin. Alcohols commonly used in skin products are very drying and irritating. It also strips the skin's natural acid mantle, making the skin weaker against bacteria and viruses.

Aside from ingredients that cause harm to one's health, here are other ingredients that should be avoided as well.


Mineral oil is a common ingredient used in skin products. It is usually used as a base because it is cheap. However, it can also clog the pores, depriving the skin of its means to breathe and get rid of wastes. This leads to acne formation and other skin problems such as dryness and premature aging.


Some skin products, particularly anti-aging ones, boast of its collagen content. Don't be fooled as collagen will not work on the skin when applied directly. Collagen molecules are too big to penetrate and produce effects on the skin.

It is important to avoid these ingredients and go for products that are made with natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are milder, safer, and you can be sure that they will be effective. Protect your health and be more aware of what you put on your skin. If you are interested in buying products with natural ingredients, visit my site today.

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