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If you are overweight, chances are that your sex drive, or libido as it is commonly referred to, has ground to a halt due to either increasingly problematic image issues or troubles with performance. Unfortunately, this is an increasing problem with both men and women alike affecting nearly 75% of people who have a BMI of over 35, says a 2006 study.

The good news is that a low to moderate amount of weight loss, which generally refers to ten pounds or more can have a positive impact on the quality of your sex life. Women are more prone to feelings of unattractiveness as well as image issues that can significantly improve once weight begins to go down.

Erectile dysfunction is also a common occurrence in men who are overweight as tiny arteries in the penis are clogged with fatty deposits, or plaque. This decrease in sexual performance will quickly lead to a decrease in sexual interest and desire. Women are also affected by the blockage of blood flow which leads to less responsiveness in the body, again leading to a decrease in desire and libido.

There are many reasons why excessive weight and a decreasing sexual drive go hand in hand. One of these reasons stems from debilitating diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and prostate or urinary tract problems. These kinds of medical issues may end up eventually correcting themselves dramatically as the weight on the scales goes down.

Changing your diet to include eating lots of fruit and vegetables as well as decreasing your fat intake will have a positive effect on your sex life, even if you don't end up losing a lot of weight. The change in your diet can be the catalyst that sparks your body's change to start producing the right hormones to increase your sex drive to lead you to a more sexually fulfilled life.

Not only will changing your diet help your sexual appetite, but adding in regular bouts of exercise can definitely help too. Regular exercise will help you to lose weight and burn calories, it will also help circulate blood throughout the whole body to allow greater stimulation and ultimately, more sex.

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