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The Ingredients of Lifecell South Beach Skincare - What You Need to Know

The Ingredients of Lifecell South Beach Skincare - What You Need to Know

Most often than not, people tend to overlook the ingredients of a certain beauty product. They are mostly enticed to buy the product either because of its advertising promotions, its endorser, or maybe, its packaging. Truth be told, however, consumers really need to check the ingredients of a product first so they'll know if it's right or not for their skin type.

One anti-aging beauty product that takes pride of its ingredients is the Lifecell South Beach Skincare. This product promises to dramatically improve damaged skin, protect skin from signs of aging, revitalize the skin, eliminate lines, wrinkles, crows feet, improve elasticity and firmness, reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. According to their website, a lot of celebrities are using this product because it really makes wonder to their features.

So what makes this product a really effective one? Let's check the ingredients.

Lifecell South Beach Skincare is made up of Dithiolane 3-Pentanic Acid, Ubiquinone, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Deanol, and Acetyl Hexapeptide-3. Let's have an overview of these ingredients to know why their formulation is good for the skin and effective to fight the signs of aging.

First off, the Dithiolane 3-Pentanic Acid or also known as the D3PA. This key ingredient in Lifecell, is said to be anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. D3PA is a precursor to nitric acid which when applied to our skin produces nitric acid. Nitric Oxide helps dilate our capillaries and increases healthy blood circulation to our skin. The enhanced circulation helps bring with it a flood of nutrients saturating our malnourished skin with new life. Furthermore, it fights the free radicals which cause wrinkles and damage healthy skin cells.

The Ubiquinone, on the other hand, is a super anti-oxidant which helps boost the body's ability to produce collagen, elastin, and other important skin molecules, making the skin look young, healthy, and wrinkle-free.

Next is the Ascorbyl Palmitate. It is chemical compound formed from ascorbic acid and palmitic acid which then create a fat-soluble form of Vitamin C. This formulation helps promote collagen synthesis, photo protection from ultraviolet A and B, and lightens hyper-pigmentation. Furthermore, it also help improve a variety of inflammatory dermatoses.

Another powerful ingredient in Lifecell is the Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 which is the best alternative for Botox, especially if you're not fond of needles. It is a synthetic anti-aging cosmetic ingredient derived from natural proteins. It is said to help reduce the visible effects of aging by reducing the deep wrinkles and lines that normally shows around the forehead and the eyes. When Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 is applied as a solution to a specific area, it inhibits the reaction that cause muscles to move or contract.

The last but not the least is the Deanol, which is a muscle toning and firmness activator. When applied on skin, it helps produce acetycholine which cause skin to firm and the muscles underneath to tone-up. Using this formulation for a long time would help the user achieve a leaner look because the muscle tone in the face improves.

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