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Quitting Smoking - Self-Rationalizations Explored

Quitting Smoking - Self-Rationalizations Explored

This article will try to break those rationalizations. You may have created some of these, and have relapsed due to it. In that case, reading the following explanations will help you prevent your mind from constructing the same traps to help you in quitting smoking.

1. My withdrawal symptoms are hard to bear.

Granted, your withdrawal from tobacco or cigarette can create numerous tsunamis of urges for you to smoke again. However, remember that all the lack of comfort that you are experiencing now will cease eventually. If you will smoke just to relive your withdrawal, you goal will be sacrificed. Keep your mind focused and start controlling your decisions.

2. I will have just a single puff.

You may think that taking one smoke puff will not do any harm into your body. However, the fact is otherwise. A single puff can release the right hormones to stir up activity in all of your nicotine sensors. In that situation, your cravings will reach fever-pitched levels. Eventually, your single puff will become a full relapse.

3. I am a full-pledged smoker. I cannot start quitting smoking now.

Negative thoughts are the last things that you would need to help yourself stop quitting. Avoid your defeatist perspectives and try to strike positive thoughts. Anyone can quit smoking, regardless of the number of years spent in the company of cigars. Proper motivation is essential to do such, and your pessimism will only sap away your will.

4. Smoking is my way to deal with stress.

Recent updates in the studies conducted in smoking reveals that this reason is completely trivial. Smoking actually raises your stress hormones in a relatively significant percentage. If you feel a sort of calmness in your system after smoking, you are most likely experiencing just the fading effects of your withdrawal. Nothing is permanent here.

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