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A Secret to Curing Your Acne - The Cause and a Natural Approach to Dealing With It

A Secret to Curing Your Acne - The Cause and a Natural Approach to Dealing With It

Having had acne for many years and then clearing myself of it, I found out the secrets to doing so. I did so by learning the real cause of acne. And that is... hormonal imbalance.

Anyone who has acne is genetic prone to getting it. Other people are genetically prone to getting other health conditions and ailments so we're not special in that regard. And there's nothing we can do about our genes.

But the fact is that it is only when our hormones are imbalanced, does our acne get triggered. When our skin is clear it means that our hormones are balanced.

The key to having clear skin is to balance your hormones. And this is easily achievable, but only with a natural approach. This means that all the cleansers and pills in the world won't truly clear up your acne (which is something I found out from experience myself.)

It just so happens that there are certain things that cause hormonal imbalance. A big one is some specific food. Vegetable oil is one of the worst culprits.

If you eat vegetable oils like sunflower oil you'll break out within hours or a couple of days. And as it causes the worst hormonal imbalance it triggers the worst acne, cystic acne, or whatever you consider your worst breakouts.

Vegetable oils are usually consumed from using them as a cooking oil. This is ill-advised if you want clear skin. They are also found in some pre-made foods like sauces and junk foods. This means you should check the ingredients label to make sure the pre-made foods you buy and eat don't contain vegetable oils.

By avoiding just this one food you'll see a dramatic difference in your skin, and perhaps even completely cure yourself of acne. But even if it only clears up 50% of your acne, you have lots of other ways to balance your hormones available to you which will complete the job.

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