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Top 5 Most Used Makeup of Women

Top 5 Most Used Makeup of Women

Several women these days like to dress themselves up to look good. Looking great is one of the best ways that boosts our confidence. By having sophisticated looking dress, jeweleries and bags many women increase the confidence they need. Accessories, bags and clothes come in same styles. But what make them different to other women is the looks of their faces that have its own style. By using make ups, women of today shows off their uniqueness. Through the use of this, women can attractively manage to fix themselves with the style of their own. As time goes, makeup manufacturers have developed a lot of cosmetics for women to supply their beauty needs. But the following cosmetics are the most used makeups of women though time changes.

1. Eye Shadow
This cosmetic is one of the good ways to boost the appearance of our eyes. It is used to make stressed looking eyes appear attractive. A lot of women like using eye shadows because this adds depth and dimension in their eyes. This is also usually used due to its astonishing look.

2. Lipstick
This naturally brings allure and charm to women. That's the foremost basis why up to now, it is the most repeatedly purchased than any other cosmetics. Many women choose to use this because they want to look livelier than colorless. Lustrous kind of lipstick can even cover up chapped lips.

3. Blush-On
This makeup brings glow and radiance to pale skins. A lot of women uses this especially the ones who have plain skin tones. This can offer the natural pinkish effect on their cheeks. Blush-on even let the cheeks skin appears softer.

4. Foundation
This are used for not levelled skin tone on women's faces. It is applied to have an unvarying color tone. It is repeatedly used as a base for women's cosmetics. Before applying other cosmetics, this is initially applied to the face down to the neck. Some even uses this for the whole body particularly the uncovered skin.

5. Mascara
This is a helpful cosmetic that enhances the lashes to appear thicker. It also lengthens and characterize the eye lashes to let the eyes looks more striking. Just like the eye shadow this is used to make the eyes appear attractive.

Moreover, some makeups can cause beauty risks and skin problems. That's why we shouldn't just select and use ordinary cosmetics. We cannot afford to have our skins damaged with the use of ordinary makeups. We should always think of the safety of our skin and rather use the mineral based cosmetics. These kinds of makeup are verified safe and use natural minerals that wouldn't damage women's fine skin. There's an old expression that says, "Beauty is skin deep", but why not settle for both? Being beautiful inside and out makes a woman seem lovelier.

Mineralhygienics.com is a site where we can find the best and trendy mineral based cosmetics.

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