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Top Skin Care Fruits

Top Skin Care Fruits

Many people may think it is expensive to use those high-quality skin-care products. But that does not matter. We can use some fruits to replace them. Most fruits do contain and abundance of vitamins, organic acid, carotene; all of which can make skin become white. They are cheap but effective.


Lemon is really a kind of excellent skin-care fruit because it contains a great amount of vitamin C, organic acid and mineral substance which are very effective in whitening the skin. But it is not delicious to eat lemon directly. We can extract the juice or make in into lemon drink. These are all great choice.

2 Cheery

The amount of iron contained in cheery is 20 times than that in apple and 30 times than that in pear. Iron is the main component of hemachrome in blood. With enough blood, you surely can have good expression. In addition, there are abundant carotene in cheery which can transform into vitamin A inside the human body and make skin become soft and tender and eliminate wrinkles.

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit contains abundant vitamin C and vitamin E which can not only whiten the skin but also improve the skin's ability of anti-oxidation. Kiwi fruit can not only help to make skin become white and remove speckles and acne, but also enhance skin's ability of anti-aging. In addition, kiwi fruit contains a lot of soluble fiber and mineral substance which do good to the health of skin.


Every 100 grams of shaddock contains about 123 micrograms of vitamin C. Therefore it is considered as the treasure house of vitamin C. it can eliminate grease and oil as well as do good to skin. What's more, as the shaddock skin contains abundant essential oil which can be added into the bathing water and make skin becomes better.

Sea backthern

Sea backthern is known as the king of Vitamin C. Every 100 grams of sea backthern juice contains 825 to 1000 micrograms of vitamin C. This number is 2 to 3 times than kiwi fruit. In addition, there are a large amount of vitamins, fatty acid, trace elements, super oxide and various kinds of amino acid human body needed. It is really the highest grade skin-care fruit.

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