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Weight Loss Safely - Common Diseases That Are Caused by Obesity

Weight Loss Safely - Common Diseases That Are Caused by Obesity

Obesity is included into the most dangerous and deathly disease, for it can cause several kinds of diseases, which can lead the sufferer to permanent paralysis, and even death. And unfortunately, obesity is somewhat getting more and more popular these past few years, for some reasons. But the main and ultimate reason of obesity is modern and unhealthy life style. In this modern life, people are now well acquainted with so-called stress at work, which can cause the body circulation does not work properly.

Hence, it can cause fat and other dangerous substances cannot be processed well. Other cause of obesity is the instant and fast food available nowadays. People with thigh work schedule cannot surely prepare their own food, so they are buying and consuming fast food, all the time; on breakfast, lunch, and even on dinner. Fact is, fast food can be very much dangerous for they consist of much oil, much fat, less fiber, and fewer vitamins. Hence, many people are now suffering from obesity; what these people does not seem to know is that obesity can cause many dangerous and common diseases. Here they are.

The first common and dangerous disease caused by obesity is cardio diseases or popularly known as heart diseases, including broken heart and heart failure. According to several studies from all over the world, heart disease is the frequent murderer of human, for more than 5 percent people died due to this disease every year; it gain numbers every year. Heart disease is commonly caused by cholesterol, which is potentially causing blood vessel to narrowing, and also covering the tissue of human's heart.

The second common disease caused by obesity is reproduction diseases, such as infertility, menstrual disorders, diabetes mellitus, and so forth. This is mainly dangerous for women, for obesity can cause them to not be able to pregnant and give a birth. Hence, women who suffer from obesity are to cure and heal their obesity before they get married, so they will be able to have a baby.

The third common disease that is mainly caused by obesity is neuron diseases, such as stroke, migraines, sclerosis, and other diseases dealing with neurology. This kind of disease is usually suffered by those who are working hard, and even have no time to take care of their body. Businesspersons, executive, and workers are groups of people who are commonly suffering neuron diseases caused by obesity.

The fourth common disease is rheumatic diseases, such as arthritis, gout, low back pain; these diseases are usually suffered by women with obesity. There are also many kinds of diseases caused by obesity, such as respiratory disorders (such as snoring and lung diseases), and depression, stress, and other psychological diseases.

However, all of those diseases have the exact similarity; they can cause people's life quality to greatly decreased, so they feel like live a useless life. Hence, people with obesity are to find an effective treatment at immediate. Nowadays, indeed, there are many things people can do to treat their obesity, either by medical treatment or by natural treatment.

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