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Is Quitting Cold Turkey the Way to Quit Smoking?

Is Quitting Cold Turkey the Way to Quit Smoking?

Quitting smoking is on many smokers' minds these days. With increasing limits on the freedom of where and when smokers can smoke it's not hard to see why they would be concerned. There are a few ways that smokers consider using when they finally decide that they want to quit smoking. And quitting cold turkey is usually the first way they choose because of the ease of implementation. And that's usually why so many fail at using this method.

Quitting cold turkey is probably the most tried method to stop smoking. Smokers who choose this method think that all they need to do is decide not to smoke. So on Sunday they promise themselves not to smoke anymore, and on Monday when the thought of a cigarette pops into their mind they either grab a cigarette without thinking of their promise, or else fight off the "need' for their first cigarette of the day. It usually doesn't last very long. In a short time they usually crumble and return to the old behavior of smoking.

It is difficult to determine success rates with smokers. In order for a study to be complete there needs to be blood tests to confirm the cessation of tobacco use after the smoker completes the program. That means at 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and even later, the smoker in the group study must return and give blood to prove they are still non smokers. Another reason for the trouble at keeping track of success especially with quitting cold turkey is that, how do you know who, out of the normal population, has decided to quit and then failed at it. Someone volunteering for a study is by definition coming into the group with a different mindset than someone who just decides to quit one day and fail the next.

I've read reports that the success rate of smokers using quitting cold turkey methods is a low one digit number. And there is a logical reason for this abysmal record. Most of us are not trained in the way of using our mind properly. We don't really know how to keep ourselves motivated to complete long term tasks. And quitting smoking isn't even such a long term task. It has been shown that if you have quit for 6 months you will most likely be a non smoker for the rest of your life. So if smokers considering quitting cold turkey had some minimal training in controlling their mind for success they would increase their success rate dramatically.

And one of the best methods of learning how to use your mind to control your habits, thoughts, and beliefs is to learn how to use self hypnosis to quit smoking. With self hypnosis training you are taught how to program or re program your mind to accomplish the goals you set for yourself. You are taught to associate feelings with thoughts and feelings are very powerful motivators. And learning how to do this is readily available to the general population at the library, at online websites, at booksellers. There is no shortage of outlets for free or inexpensive training in how to use your mind properly so that you can be successful at quitting cold turkey.

And I invite you to to learn self hypnosis before quitting cold turkey with my free self hypnosis course self hypnosis to quit smoking. All the information you need before quitting cold turkey is in my free ebook, hypnosis to quit smoking. There are even techniques that could help you to use self hypnosis to stop smoking on your own. It's available at HypnoticState.com.

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